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The icing on the cake

Mastering is the last but not the least important process of music production. In this stage, we adapt the work to the sound trends of the market. The main objective of mastering is to find  an optimal sound from the final mix, in order to homogenize the different tracks of an album in terms of color and volume. Mastering is an art in itself, and it is a crucial step to make your musical productions sound good.


The stereo audio file created from the mix will be processed with various tools such as EQ, compressors, limiters or expanders… A surgical process to achieve the expected final result.


If you are a singer, singer-songwriter or rapper, we know how important it is for your voice to stand out. Gone are the days when music sounded above everything else and made it almost impossible to understand the lyrics.


Our mastering is up to the current industry level but only if you decide so. We know that every style of music is different and we adapt our work accordingly.


Stem mastering means that the process is performed on several groups of sounds or ‘buses’, rather than on a single stereo track. It gives us the opportunity to apply changes to certain elements of the mix without affecting others, making the mastering process more versatile and detailed.


  • 1 stereo track
  • Delivery in 24h.


  • Until 4 stems
  • Delivery in 48h.


  • +4 stems
  • Delivery in 48h.

Mastering and Mixing: 20€

Master EP (3-6 songs): 10% discount* – Master LP (+6 songs): 15% discount*

*To access the discount you must send all items at once


YES. There is no other answer. Although in our case we work with high levels of mixing, leaving it very close to the final result, mastering is absolutely necessary to give it that last touch, apply possible corrections and give it it’s final power.

The final mix should never exceed 0 dbs. Do not forget to perform a correct gain staging so that all sounds are balanced and avoid inserting limiters on the master bus. Finally, leave enough dynamic range for mastering.

The OPTIMAL format for professional mastering should be a lossless format to ensure that the quality of your music is not compromised. That is to say, in WAV or AIFF format. We cannot guarantee an optimal result if the mix comes in compressed format (MP3, AAC).

You can send your mix using any server or cloud (Google Drive, Wetransfer, Mega…) Let us know your name or the name of your group or band, and the name of the song. If you don’t know how to do it, please contact us and we will guide you without any problem.

WRONG! Today’s music standards are already quite “blown”, so a master above those limits would only damage the sound. Our commitment is to achieve the highest quality sound, and this is not about sounding louder but sounding BETTER.

For a mastering, the approximate delivery time is 48h. For a stem mastering, it will depend on the amount of tracks and their condition. In any case, after we receive the project and analyze it, we will give you an exact date.

Our commitment is to deliver a professional quality product, so before starting the work you should let us know all the necessary instructions, if you consider it appropriate. Once the work is done, you have up to 3 revisions totally free of charge. In no case, once the work is finished, the money is refundable.

Conventional mastering works on a single stereo track (the mix), while stem mastering works on groups of tracks (buses) that have been exported, e.g. Drums, Vocals, Synths, Percussion…

Still have any doubt? Contact us and we will solve them.
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