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Get a professional sound for your music

Audio mixing means combining multiple channels (bass, drums, vocals, guitars, keyboards, etc.) into a stereo file. A professional mix that meets the quality standards of major streaming platforms and record labels. If you’re tired of your songs not sounding the way they deserve and you’re ready to take the leap, our mixing service is for you.


We treat each song in a special way, according to the style. We know that it is not the same to mix a Rap song than a Pop song, for example.


We leave your mix as close as possible to the final result, so whether you decide to master with us (which is the most advisable) or you decide to master somewhere else, the adjustments will be minimal.


We adjust our mixes to current industry standards. You will finally get your music to sound like your favorite artists.


We always try to make the song sound the way you like by keeping a constant communication with you, but as we know that some tweaks would always be necessary, you have up to 3 FREE revisions.


  • From 1 to 8 tracks
  • Simple Mixing
  • Delivery in 24h.
  • Instrumental


  • From 9 to 16 tracks
  • Simple Mixing
  • Delivery in 24h.
  • Instrumental


  • From 17 to 32 tracks
  • Simple Mixing
  • Delivery in 48h.
  • Instrumental


  • Unlimited tracks
  • Complex Mix
  • Ask delivery time
  • Instrumental and vocals

Vocal songs: +15€ (except XXL)

Complex Mixing: +10€

Vocals that require tuning (autotune or Melodyne), chorus alignment, extra FX processing, etc. They will be charged as a complex mix: +10€

Mix EP (3-6 songs): 10% discount – Mix LP (+6 songs): 15% discount.

*To access the discount you must send all items at once.

Mixing + Mastering: +20€


We need you to send us all the tracks separately and consolidated. That is, regardless of the audio they include, they must all have the same length, from beginning to end. The ideal format is 48khz, 24 Bits.

The OPTIMAL format for a professional mix should be uncompressed (lossless) format to ensure that the quality of your music is not compromised. That is, in WAV or AIFF format. We cannot guarantee an optimal result if the tracks are in a compressed format (MP3, AAC).

You can send your tracks through any cloud server (Google Drive, iCloud, Mega…) or Wetransfer, you only need to let us know your name or the name of your group or band, and the name of the song. If you don’t know how to do it, contact us and we will guide you without any problem.

The quick answer would be NO. The production chain is: Performance + Recording + Mixing + Mastering. If the first links in the chain are poor, the chain will most likely break. In other words, if the performance and/or the recording are of poor quality, the mix will not be able to do magic with it. In any case, send us the tracks and we will give you an answer and possible solutions.

WRONG! Today’s music standards are already quite “blown”, so a master above those limits would only damage the sound. Our commitment is to achieve the highest quality sound, and this is not about sounding louder but sounding BETTER.

For a mix, the time may vary depending on several issues: The number of tracks, the amount of editing needed, whether it’s an instrumental or has vocals, etc. When you contact us and after we see the size and quality of the project, we will give you an approximate delivery date. Always keep in mind that the higher the quality of the recording, the faster the mixing process will be.

Our commitment is to deliver a professional quality product, so before starting the work you should let us know all the necessary instructions, if you consider it appropriate. Once the work is done, you have up to 3 revisions totally free of charge. In no case, once the work is finished, the money is refundable.

A simple mix is one that does not require a lot of cleaning and editing, that is, practically only sound processing. A complex mix is one that requires more cleaning, editing, automation, etc. When we receive the project, and always before starting to work with it, we will let you know which of them would be necessary.

If you still have doubts, contact us and we will solve them.
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